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Overall, the first few chapters are a fairly good introduction to early India, but it gets too disorganised to follow soon after. The language is very complicated and flowery.

[NCERT] Medieval India (Romila Thapar) – PDF Drive

Invari To explain the history of such a vast and diverse subcontinent over a large period of 3, years, with only the significant details is not mean fete. These factors make this book stand apart from other books in this genre. Archived from the original PDF on 16 June Penguin claims this book “brings Indian Romia to life”.

A lot more focus on social conditions than about kings and the wars they waged. I wonder if each of these kingdoms did not see the others as foreigners itself to a certain extent.

If you ask me where to catch the bus, do I say “it is likely that the bus will continue folume arrive in the traditional location, and it would possibly do so at approximately the same time as it has previously. She puts a history of india volume 1 romila thapar pdf download the reason for what happened and deduces on the effect historg all parameters that make history.

Some Interpretations; History and Beyond; Sakuntala: Also surprising was the check of a king’s power through local village and town heads. She is not famous among Hindutava circle because her work stands between their ambition to distort the past and depress ibdia present with religious flavor. There is an uncontrolled bashing of the brahmin cult throughout the book.

Thapar’s skillful analysis of how India’s past has been interpreted not only brings greater clarity to thapxr understanding of contemporary India, but also contributes usefully to a broader study of history and historiography.

The treatment of Archealogical evidences are not downlkad good as done by Upinder Singh. But once Buddhism became firmly established, rich merchants gave lavish endowments to the monasteries, freeing them of the need to live close to people.

Sadly, I feel that Histlry cannot write otherwise. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Books by Romila Thapar. The structure is pretty taut and covers a lot of ground. American Academy a history of india volume 1 romila thapar pdf download Arts and Sciences. I figured a Penguin book on the topic would be just what I needed.

In fact, anyone wrote anything in praise of monarchic India?

Romila Thapar

I don’t know how much I’ll retain, but again, that’s more my problem than anyone else’s. Romila Thapar is an excellent writer and almost certainly a fine scholar. Romila Thapar is a very well-known historian in India and thpar texts are widely used in a history of india volume 1 romila thapar pdf download here. Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund. One of my favourite chapters was on feudalism which was brilliantly written and explained. This work is definitely a very well researched book and it takes you onto a vivid journey of Dodnload historical past.

Now that I’ve vent my spleen, so to speak, let’s vent a little more. This was a refreshing read. Have fun deciphering them! Jul 21, Sam Gurvinder rated it really liked it.

So this book is vklume just a litany of the names of kings and queens only a few of the latterbut every other chapter is thapzr account of how ordinary people made a living, worshiped, ate and drank, and volime and clothed themselves.

It’s long, academic, and historical. She feeds you with fabricated stories, conspiracy theories of her weird imaginations but definitely not History of India. The author frequently referred to geographic areas of India which I couldn’t place in my head the maps were This book may have all the information one might require for a general survey of India before the coming of the Mughals and the Portuguese, but the style is listless and documentary. Writing about the Californian Hindu textbook controversyThapar opposed some of the changes that were proposed by Hindu groups to the coverage of A history of india volume 1 romila thapar pdf download and Indian history in school textbooks.

Now perhaps it is unfair to say that Percival Spear has written a Thapar introduces figures from the remarkable visionary ruler Ashoka to other inia exemplary figures.

Romila Thapar is a very talented writer and historian romils manages to hook you from the very first line. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 7 December Gives a very good overview of the history of this period, along with a useful bibliography if you want to go deeper in the study of Indian history. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 26 February Despite my above-average knowledge of Indian history, this book still provided some surprising insights.

Retrieved 3 September Romila Thapar here completely moves away from the romanticism that is usually associated with most of the histories of India making this a very dry read. Return to Book Page.