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PGSuper is now part of the BridgeLink application framework. Chi-square tests are then performed on the impact factors and it is found that the impact factors obtained under the same road surface condition follow the Extreme-I type distribution.

Recommended articles Citing articles 0. The HY-8 program has successfully operated on all current “flavors” of the Windows operating system.

PENNDOT LRFD and Engineering Programs

By November work was underway on BGS v9. It contains design modules for several mass concrete shapes, bridge decks types, precast concrete beams, and concrete pavements. Windows XP, 2070 7 Version: Reference Guide [zip, 4 file,22mb].

Please call Design Division, Hydraulics Branch with questions at Generalized beam-column discrete element model to analyze simple and continuous beam subjected to concentrated, uniform, uniformly varying, and non-uniformly varying static and movable traverse loads. It models spring supports, rotational spring restraints, and concentrated applied torques, It analyzes a beam-column of up to discrete increments of user defined length. The result of these changes was lrd “scaled down” implementation of RDS that focuses on bridge geometric design.

aashto lrfd 2007 pdf download

Due to the road surface deterioration of lrfx bridges, studies have shown that the calculated impact factors from field measurements could be higher than the values specified in design codes that mainly target at new bridge designs. The flexural design feature computes the required number and pattern of prestressing strands and the minimum required release and final concrete strengths.

Author links open overlay panel Lu Deng C. Included in the text output are ,rfd aashto lrfd 2007 pdf download and reports that may be imported into various MicroStation design files to include angles, dimensions, elevations, etc. Horizontal and vertical shear design, analysis and load rating is also facilitated. The user provides input data for loading conditions, structure geometry, and member sizes.

Following the precedent set by the release of BGS v9. FHWA released the original Windows version 7.

Use approximate analysis method for overhead sign bridge customarily built in Texas. The user should also read the specification and the associated Test Method TexS. This add-in has been tested for compatibility with Adobe Acrobat Pro version Analyzes traffic signal or strain pole assemblies.

The bug-fixed version, BGS v9. The resulting BGS v9.

Abstract The dynamic effect of moving vehicles on bridges is generally treated as a dynamic load allowance or dynamic impact factor in many design codes. BridgeLink links together several different bridge aashto lrfd 2007 pdf download software tools into aashto lrfd 2007 pdf download convenient and easy to use platform.

SignsPC extends MicroStation by providing the user with a toolkit for generating and labeling traffic signs. OSB6 Use approximate analysis method for overhead sign bridge customarily built in Texas. Used when Special Specification or Item applies to construction projects.

Pentium 4 or Higher Memory: Corresponding confidence levels with the proposed impact factors for the five studied bridges indicate that the proposed expressions can be used with considerable confidence.

Engineering Software

This download also contains the Center to Center Test Suite application, used to validate the plugin against the defined interface, and the Status Logger application needed for the Test Suite application.

The SignsPC application is used in conjunction aashto lrfd 2007 pdf download the MicroStation computer-aided drafting application. Custom defined beam shapes that fit within each family of girder types supported by PGSuper can also be added to the user copy of the templates, thereby extending the girder shapes that the user can design, analyze and load rate with the program.