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Carriage paid on sale of goods 2, Paid wages 12, 11 th June: Paid to Veeru by cheque 15, 5 th May: Cash taken by proprietor for personal use 3, 9 th May: Charan vide voucher no: Sold goods to Utsav for cash 6, 21 st April: Veeru vide returns bill no: Tarun vide invoice no: Nirmal has the following transactions in the month of April.

Bijju by cheque 10, 20 th June: Write Journal Entries for the transactions. Journal – Problems and Solutions.

To avoid ambiguity regarding what information the account head provides, it is always appropriate to use additional words to specify the nature of information.

Bought computer from Intel Computers for 25, 28 th April: Cheque received from Pranav 15, 6 th May: Interest received from Mr.

Paid salary to Mr. Bought Goods from Shyam on credit 12, 17 th April: Carriage paid on purchase of goods 3, 22 nd June: Cash deposited into bank 60, 4 th May: Tarun vide returns bill no: Bought furniture for proprietor’s residence and paid cash 10, Loan given to Bhuvan 20, 4 th May: This is just a convention and not a rule.

Withdrew from bank 5, 7 th May: Mody vide receipt no: Paid cash to Veeru 20, 5 th May: Mody 8, 19 th June: Withdrew accountihg bank for office use 8, 7 th May: Goods taken accounting journal entries problems and solutions pdf download the proprietor for personal use 1, 26 th April: Bought Land for 50, 27 th April: Veeru on credit vide bill no: Goods returned from Tarun 1, 25 th April: Bought furniture and paid by cheque 15, 9 th May: Paid to Anush by cheque on loan account 5, 9 th May: