This method works well! The last repair was a Toshiba, so it works for more than HPs. I have a problem with the connection of the flat cable from a Toshiba L keyboard and plug welded to the motherboard type locking tab. Laptop GPU Reparaturanfrage senden. However, today I got most of the necessary things flux, heat gun and did it for 53 sec without removing anything other than the keyboard on the other side. The laptop runs fine now but has not been stress tested.

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Reseating RAM did not help this time. Hi, great post, i was wondering… with the flux. Du musst als erstes die Windows 7 DVD einlegen.

Fujitsu Technical Support pages from Fujitsu United Kingdom

You can remove thermal grease using alcohol swabs. Spaceman December 16, Disassemble the amilo xa 2528 and found the motherboard with built-in memory on it.

Looks like you pulled the CPU too. I tried to heating amilo xa 2528 and it worked once. This should not be try unless you are prepared to buy a new computer if it xxa.

Thomas October 28, Drucken Sie einfach unseren Reparatur- Begleitschein aus und legen ihn der Warensendung bei. Engineered in Germany means the test center in Germany tests conformity to.

It started to shutdown suddenly whenever i run some memory dependent software movie player, 3D games, multi-tabbing on Chrome. I bought some of this too. I amilo xa 2528 a tech check it over. The motherboard work again perfectly. Usually the options for this can be found in the BIOS settings of the laptop, or in the power management options. You can scan your laptop with Malwarebytes to find malware programs. Has anyone used liquid flux using the oven method? Bayo November 26, I am actually been sending my clients laptop into a repair shop every time i encounter this problem, and i am not getting any clue as to how they are doing it because they are hiding it from me, may be because they know how easy it is to learn.

Ich hab das schon mal versucht, aber dann hatte ich zwei Syteme drauf. Reseating RAM amilo xa 2528, but the next day the problem returned. CH October 16, Do you have the same problem on the external monitor or it works properly? Rob Beard September 15, All available drivers, Amilo xa 2528 versions and software updates for Fujitsu computer systems can be downloaded here. Kat October 24, Hi My laptop got the same problem with graphics card and amilo xa 2528 repairing by an engineer it start working as normal but after a month it again went to same state.

Got it, continue to print.

Remove all unnecessary applications. Try reseating the cable.

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip

Manuel September 15, Do you just drop it between the chip and motherboard? In order to make it amilo xa 2528, you have to melt solder under the GPU. Better to do the best job you can rather than jump straight into action.

Thanks for posting something like this…. That means I have only option left with me is to boot in amilo xa 2528 mode and run my laptop. Now plug in the battery and adapter and try again. I have an HP B laptop that lasted just over a year amilo xa 2528 overheating. Pls i have a Asus F2HF Laptop, i dont knw d cause of it problem, but anytime i on the laptop, it only shows the green light, the fan does not spin, no beep from the ram, and nothing display on the screen….

I will post back if it goes out again. This is just awesome.


Jason December 20, When the laptop runs hot for a long amilo xa 2528, the graphics chip separates from the motherboard and video fails. Fadi July 13, I used some amilo xa 2528 stuff for improving soldering results, put as much as I could under the nvidia chip.

Hope this be helpful! Also, many boards still keep some voltage from when turned on previously in components such as capacitors.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers AMILO Xa 2528-12P Datasheet

I have had a thought — instead of heat guns, soldering irons, hair dryers etc, how about a cube of brass — in the oven a,ilo c. Works perfect now with GPU 60deg c. Jan Zelman September 25, I cannot help you without looking at the laptop.

Jin March 8, This Amilo xa 2528 to be the most dangerous way to do it there is great chance you will dislodge other amilo xa 2528 on the mother board the chip is mounted on the board by a heat press plate.