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The Scorched Earth of Netanyahu’s Israel.

Egregious human rights violations of reformists, liberals, Islamists, women, and terroriism groups must end if these countries hope to establish viable and stable political systems.

Political Development in a Modernizing State. Islamic activism in Muslim Nigerian towns and villages in the north in the late s and early s was driven by the feverish competition between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Although the growing terrorist threat in Iraq and Syria causes of terrorism in nigeria pdf download replaced coverage of this extremist group on the causes of terrorism in nigeria pdf download pages of international newspapers, Boko Haram remains a cauaes force that must be confronted.

To ensure a safe environment we will not publish comments that involve ad hominem attacks, racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory language, or anything that is written solely for the purpose of slandering a person or subject. I visited those xauses during my government service and witnessed the growth of Islamic activism and radicalization first hand.

Iran also wooed Islamic activists in Nigeria and worked closely with Ibrahim Zakzaky and his followers. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Disclaimer The contents and comments are the personal views of the authors and do not represent the views of IPS news agency. The contents and comments are the personal views of the authors and do not represent the views of IPS news agency. Your local and domestic remedies are fair enough but calling for the deposing of Assad in Syria just will not work as he enjoys protection and support from Iran, Russia and China.

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The World’s Largest Online Campaigning Platform · Causes

Nakhleh received his BA from St. Textbooks in elementary and causss schools in Saudi Arabia taught a similar ideology of intolerance, exclusion, and narrow-mindedness. LobeLog does not publish comments with links. Saudi-funded Koranic schools taught Nigerian children to recite the Koran in Arabic and preached to them how to become more committed Sunni Muslims.

I notice your prognosis does not include playing hard ball with the Israeli regime in its relations with the Palestinians. Zakzaky was njgeria university graduate from northern Nigeria and a convert to Shia Islam.

Comments Policy We value your opinion and nogeria you to comment on our postings. You mention 4 different steps, but implementing them, the effort will be piecemeal at most, which is the usual outcome. Ceasefire in Syria—Now What? President Barack Obama has advocated closing Guantanamo since coming to office in January Enter your email address to subscribe to our site causes of terrorism in nigeria pdf download receive notifications of new posts by email.

The Shia majority in Bahrain must be allowed to participate in Bahraini politics on the basis of justice and equality. The social problems — including youth unemployment, anemic job creation, failing economies, regime corruption and repression, and religious sectarianism — which have plagued Arab societies ot also present in West African and Sahel countries.

The fact is that US neo-cons have used religious dogma themselves, which is why they find it difficult to combat other forms of religious extremism.

Whenever US and other Western diplomats approached Saudi education officials about this curriculum, they were advised it reflected the religious values of Saudi Arabia. This can be done in the following ways:.

Detainees should be tried or released in short order.

Nakhleh, good post, informative, but how can these issues be changed? Excessively long comments may not be published due to their length. Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you! I spoke to dozens of Islamic activists in the region about the so-called root causes of their activism.

By the late s, however, Saudi funding and active proselytization, coupled with the fact that a majority of Nigerian Muslims are Sunni, overwhelmed the Iranian effort. While at the CIA, I frequently briefed senior policymakers in the executive branch about the long-term threat of Saudi-sanctioned and funded religious proselytization in Africa.

They built mosques, Islamic educational institutions and causes of terrorism in nigeria pdf download, community centers, and health clinics. This can be done in the following ways: Far better would be a policy to end the conflict in Syria now — by removing US, EU, Gulf State, Jordanian, Turkish and Israeli support for extremist terrorists operating there — and to offer the Assad regime causes of terrorism in nigeria pdf download degree of acceptance provided he introduces reforms to democratise Syria.

Nigerian Terrorism: Causes and Solutions

According to public opinion polls in the past decade, Muslims who trend toward radical ideas have identified domestic and foreign factors as drivers of their radicalism. Foreign factors include perceived anti-Islamic policies by the US and other Western powers, continued Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and the suppression of Palestinian human rights and freedoms, the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, drone strikes that result in civilian deaths, as well as western lukewarm support of democratic uprisings and coddling of dictatorial regimes.

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