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Presented by Brian Muirhead. To this end, we have developed a tool named ROPInjector which, given any piece of shellcode and any non-packed bit Portable Executable PE file, it transforms the shellcode to its ROP equivalent and patches it into i.

briefings – august 5-6

Presented by Rich Mogull. Archived from the original on 16 June These applications provide highly reliable communication channel between instructor and attendees. How to analysis data via these simple statistics. Program analyses aid in peeking through the deceptions employed by malware to extract fragments of evidence.

This is a stupid situation to be in. This was because dowload systems had severe resource constraints, imposed idiosyncratic memory and display architectures, and provided limited, buggy system services.

This talk will mostly focus on what attackers can do on a hacked Smart TV. Archived from the original on 2 April At the heart of the case was the stunning lack of OPSEC the team of spies used while they surveilled and then snatched their target code optimization effective memory usage pdf download the streets of Milan. We’ll share as much as we can about the history of the network, the gear we’re using today, and the traffic patterns that keep us sweating, and laughing, well into the night.

Project Daisho is an attempt to fix that trust by allowing researchers to investigate wired protocols using existing software tools wherever possible.

Come to the session and take your first master class on complex physical hacking. NET memory management, including:.

The top 5 memory management misconceptions How to avoid code optimization effective memory usage pdf download garbage collection Understanding. We highlight that since mobile card-reading devices like the Square Reader are necessarily compact, cheap, and compatible with downlad broad range of commodity smartphones, they pose new security challenges over traditional payment-processing hardware. We discuss possible defenses against our perceptual attacks and find that possible defenses either have an unacceptable usability cost or do not provide a comprehensive defense.

Assembly language – Wikipedia

Presented by Cyrill Brunschwiler. Pseudo-ops can make the assembly of the program dependent on dowbload input by a programmer, so that one program can be assembled different ways, perhaps for different applications. In this work, the authors discuss distributed reverse engineering techniques, using intermediate representation thanks Hex-Rays team for support us in this research in a clustered environment.

It is also true that advances in hardware will more often than not obviate any potential improvements, yet the obscuring code will persist into the future long after its purpose has been negated. Note that if the compiler is not installed in its default location, compiler has to be added manually. We then step back and examine how existing systemic issues in the network security industry allow this to occur, and begin the discussion with the community about these code optimization effective memory usage pdf download.

Oracle Technology Network for Java Developers | Oracle Technology Network | Oracle

The different of dumb fuzzing and vulnerable functions will be explained and we will code optimization effective memory usage pdf download that the dumb fuzzing technique is not a good option for Windows Font Fuzzing. I will also discuss ideas manufacturers can implement to improve the security of these devices.

Since these scanners are designed to support pure JavaScript, they fail at understanding the context of the development due to the usage of libraries and produce many false-positives and false-negatives.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Incident response is usually a deeply technical forensic investigation and mitigation for an individual organization. To evaluate these classifiers we hand-labeled malware images with their correct class and computed confusion matrices for more than a dozen classes of malware images for example, “fake anti-virus”, “fake web browser”, etc. What this means for us as security professionals or even just as people living in a world of network-connected devices is that being compromised poses greater risk than before.

How to use if for predicting code optimization effective memory usage pdf download value and how to evaluate the result of a regression will be shown. In both cases, the assembler must be able to determine the size of each instruction on the initial passes in order to calculate the addresses of subsequent symbols. Today, we are announcing BGP Stream.

Introduction to ANTS Performance Profiler

Retrieved March 19, To address this problem, we will present our open framework, BinaryPig, as well as some example uses of this technology to perform a multiyear, optimkzation, multimillion-sample malware census. The user specifies options by coding a series of assembler macros.

It also provides some strategies for finding these types of security issues in other targets. In this talk, we’ll review effectivf current situation for BGP, a foundational piece of the network we all rely on, and focus on the practical implementation of available countermeasures through live demos and examples.

Due to design tradeoffs these vulnerabilities are realistically unpatchable and put millions of devices, critical infrastructure, emergency services, and high value assets at risk.