The card lamination module will accept either of the following: Page A font format that produces each character using a mathematical equation, rather than a graphical representation, resulting in a much sharper, cleaner image. New optional dual card input hopper simplifies card handling and minimizes downtime. Do not use the AUTO calibrate function d. Selecting The Advanced Settings Tab Use the Advanced Settings tab for adjusting the internal Printer settings, which are customized for every Printer at the factory and saved directly within the Printer’s memory.

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Page – selecting the print ymc under the k and Accessing the Network Settings page The Network page displays the fargo hdp5000 printer network settings and allows the User to change the settings. HDPii Output Module 1. To change the temperature of the transfer roller, adjust its temperature through the image transfer tab within the printer driver setup window.

The Password entered is not a Invalid Password valid password. Cards, ribbons and overlaminates come in cartridges that load quickly and easily.

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Press Fargo hdp5000 printer to continue Printer operation. Troubleshooting Page Printer Error Message Cause Solution The printer has determined that one or both overlaminate films have either jammed or broken.

Calibrate Ribbon Tab Ribbon. Fit to Frame will size the image to fit the box. Fluorescent Panel Usage Page 5. Page Click on the Logo box on the left. Type, Reorder Number and Gauge Indicator. Featuring a flexible and modular design that can be easily adapted whenever your card fargo hdp5000 printer needs change, DTCe is easy to use, Energy-Star Rated and can be password protected for extra in-house security.

See the Using the Home page for definitions. And faster printing helps you fly through the biggest production jobs. Cancel button located on the Printer. Page Printer Driver Operations The graphic to the right displays the results of the new settings.

Time Requirement This software installation process will require approximately 2 to fargo hdp5000 printer minutes depending on the speed of your PC. July French translations added for agencies and safety. Log in as a root User using the password if you are so prompted. Use an alcohol wipe from the cleaning kit to clean the Magnetic Head. This letter code is as follows: When no Fargo hdp5000 printer is detected, the Lamination tab is active but all functions are grayed out.

Sets the card to print in a horizontal orientation. Cleaning The Printhead Cleaning Kit to firmly wipe back and forth across the surface of fargo hdp5000 printer Printhead. Click on the Logo box on the left. The current job that is being received by the interface is displayed as the active job. Page Select Administration when fargo hdp5000 printer Home page appears. Page – using the image transfer tab Page – adjusting the image position controls Page Page – adjusting the transfer dwell time and te Print Ribbons Ribbon Panels found on each Ribbon.

Film Factory Take-up The larger the value the faster the motor goes. Use this option to control specific Printer functions.

HID® FARGO® HDP5000 ID Card Printer & Encoder

Click on the Submit button to save this change. Find the source of the Logo to place on the card. If the name and password is not accepted, another login prompt will appear on screen.

How can we help you? Sharper image quality and new HDP materials deliver more fargo hdp5000 printer cards at a dhp5000 cost per card. The magnetic track tabs are inactive and display ISO defaults for each track. To access Workbench click on Diagnostics on the Card tab of the printing preferences to bring fargo hdp5000 printer Workbench.

Reference Safety Messages in this document. Thermistor An electronic resistor on the Printhead with a resistance value that varies in proportion to the heat to which it is exposed. Select the Submit button. Page 2 This document may fargo hdp5000 printer be ptinter, disseminated or republished in any form without the prior written permission of HID Global Corporation.

Select this option if color correcting the image for printing has already been done or if using third fqrgo color matching software.

The Shift Data Left check box remains unchecked and inactive. Click Diagnostics to launch the Workbench Printer Fargo hdp5000 printer. Use the Long Alcohol soaked cleaning card.

Page Printer or Flipper Module. Add to Cart Add to Compare.

Fargo Card Printers

Film Print Cooling Level This setting should fargo hdp5000 printer be off, but can fargo hdp5000 printer turned on to help with splotchy color areas on the image.

Select this option to print the resin black for all black found within all areas of the image. Any software program file printed with the Printre ribbon installed into the printer will print this design with the F-panel of the ribbon.

Request Information I am looking for Page Select Upgrade Firmware in the Actions dropdown menu, as shown below. View Details Add to Compare.