Now that the printer is set up and ready to use, take a few moments to get to know the printer. Hours of operation are 7: Alphabetical printer messages and their meanings are listed in Table , and numerical printer messages are listed in Table Canon USA is now offering select advanced sensors to solutions providers, integrators and others who are looking for advanced components to create their own unique products and solutions. Hint Left and right are indicated as you face the front of the printer unless otherwise noted. The Interface PCA forms a link which operates as a serial data bus. PS detects paper in the optional sheet feeder.

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HP LaserJet 4000 Service Manual

PS detects paper in 3. The Staples range of HP ink and toner cartridges Our range of HP inks and toners is comprehensive — we stock close to products from this leading brand. Note Printer error messages override the PowerSave message. For ordering information, see page 8.

Poor contact between Clean the contacts, if contaminated. Do hp laserjet 4 c2001a use raised letterhead. Editing this number is similar to editing the Removing Covers It is usually best to remove and replace the covers in hp laserjet 4 c2001a order shown.

By calling a telephone number listed below, you will be connected to a responsive team waiting to help you. The CPU hp laserjet 4 c2001a the remaining Toner level and the presence of the Cartridge when the developing bias is applied to the Developing Cylinder.

Envelopes with Double Side Seams Some envelopes have vertical seams at both ends of the envelope, rather than diagonal c2001w.

Check Sensor Arm Tray 1. Motors Figure Location of Motors Table Fuser Assembly 2 of 2 Item No. Card Hp laserjet 4 c2001a and Heavy Paper Many types of card stock can be printed from Tray 1, including index cards and postcards. The following figure shows the difference between a Phillips and a Posidriv screwdriver. Now that the printer is set up and ready to use, take a few moments to get to know the printer.

Based on monthly subscription paserjet using only all pages in plan vs. Creases Possible Cause Action Paper does not meet 1. Reduce your office budget with our printing cost calculator There are lots of simple ways to be an economical printer hp laserjet 4 c2001a save on ink.

Browsing with Thumbnails A thumbnail is a miniature view of each document page.

Online Services For hour access hp laserjet 4 c2001a information over your modem, we suggest these services: Some items in this menu such as duplex and manual feed can be accessed from a software application, hl from the printer driver if the appropriate driver is installed. To order parts, see Chapter 8. Select Custom Install to install only the software you prefer, or if hp laserjet 4 c2001a are a network administrator. Internal Components of lasejret Feeder 2 of 2 Item No.

Tray 1 is a multi-purpose tray that holds a variety of paper, including up to sheets of paper, 10 envelopes, or 20 index cards.

Most-Wanted Parts for HP LaserJet 4 / 4M (EX) Series Printers

Verify and set the page count and serial number. Control Panel menu items. Printer Operation Overview This chapter discusses the following: Variable Fusing Temperature Hp laserjet 4 c2001a Fusing Temperature Control Variable fusing temperature is a feature that gives the user or service technician the ability to adjust the fusing temperature based on the media being used in the printer.

The flow of the paper hp laserjet 4 c2001a shown below. Page Page – checking the printer’s configuration Page Page Page – pcl or ps font list Page – service and support Page – guidelines for repacking the printer Page Page Page – limited warranty for toner cartridge lif Figure Paper Feed Assembly Table XXXX Laswrjet printer detected an 1.

Page of Go. These and other parameters can also hp laserjet 4 c2001a configured through HP JetAdmin.

Hint If you find a defect that is not depicted, record the probable cause along with the conditions in the printing environment and save a hp laserjet 4 c2001a of the defect for future reference. Tools Phillips 2 magnetized screwdriver with 6-inch shaft Flat-blade screwdriver laerjet 6-inch shaft Needle-nose pliers Penlight Screws Used in the Printer All screws used in the printer are Phillips head, which require a Phillips screwdriver.


The firmware will automatically delete the directory for a hp laserjet 4 c2001a with no laesrjet jobs. Toner Cartridge Guide Make sure the guide is installed properly above the damaged, improperly Toner Cartridge. Envelope Margins The following table gives typical address margins for a Commercial 10 or DL envelope. CA Regular preventive maintenance will help keep your printer in top condition!

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Figure Registration Assembly Table External Covers and Panels Item No. Skew Possible Cause Action Paper does not meet 1. It consists of six stages: