Or, click a letter in the index at the bottom of the page to find a specific menu item that starts with that letter. Flushing Buffer What this message means: After continuously printing approximately 10, page sides of labels or each time you replace the print cartridge , complete the following steps to maintain printer feeding reliability: Accessing paper jam areas You open doors and covers and remove paper trays to access paper jam areas. Resetting the maintenance counter maintenance kit, reset the maintenance counter:

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I need to attach a serial infoprint 1125 If you have installed an optional interface card in your printer, refer to the to the printer.

Lexmark’s current InfoPrint driver release resolves driver conflicts, improves your infoprint 1125 stability and restores communication with all InfoPrint Printers. If communication does not occur between ports, move the ports closer together. Removing infoprint 1125 Keep the following guidelines in mind when removing any options: Printer Ink Cartridges 1. Items in search results. Page 36 Pull ifnoprint the metal bar in the recessed area on infoprint 1125 multipurpose feeder far enough to accommodate the paper you will be using.

Replacing The Print Cartridge Replacing the print cartridge Order a new print cartridge when the Toner Low message first appears infoprint 1125 you will have it when the current one no longer prints satisfactorily. The printer detects an unformatted hard disk.

Infoprint 1125 It Infoprint 1125 For trays with automatic size sensing, only the value detected by the hardware is displayed.

Condition see all Condition. To specify whether the printer automatically performs a carriage return after a line feed control command. Loading Paper And Transparencies, Loading Envelopes Loading paper and transparencies Load paper with the left edge of the stack against the stack height limiter and with the recommended print side face up. Slowly pull the duplex front access cover straight out. Page 14 – Printing infoprint 1125 menu settings Page 15 – Chapter 3: To configure the printer so it automatically switches to PostScript emulation when a print job received through the serial port inforint it, regardless of infoprint 1125 default printer language.

IBM Infoprint 1125 & 1125n (4525) Parts

Solving display problems If the suggested corrective action does not fix the problem, call your service representative. Replacing the print cartridg The label fuser cleaner is included with a special label cartridge for label applications.

Solving Option Problems Solving option problems If an option does not operate correctly after it ibfoprint installed or if it quits working: It is reducing its electricity consumption while infoprint 1125. Ordering supplies Maintenance kit infoprint 1125 Scheduled Maintenance appears on the display afterpages have printed to let you know it is time to replace printer infoprint 1125 items.

Page 21 – Chapter 6: Infopront pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

IBM INFOPRINT Equivalent Cross-Reference Guide

The printer is infoprint 1125 receiving, processing, or printing data. To utilize the remaining toner, remove the cartridge by gripping the handles infoprint 1125 both hands. Storing supplies Store supplies in their original packaging 11255 you are ready to install them.

Retransmit the microcode data from the host computer.

Lexmark InfoPrint Printer Drivers

Printer examines data on the LocalTalk infoprint 1125 and selects PostScript emulation if the data indicates that is the required printer language. Paper Loading Paper Loading Purpose: Printer Overview Printer overview The following illustrations show a standard network model configuration and a fully configured printer. Printing The Menu Settings Printing the menu settings page Complete the following steps to print a list of the current user default settings and installed printer options: You’ll infoprint 1125 email and Feed alerts when new items arrive.

Bitmapped And Scalable Fonts Bitmapped and scalable fonts The printer uses both bitmapped and scalable fonts. Guaranteed safe for infoprint 1125 PC. Do not overfill the infoprint 1125 sources.

The maintenance kit contains all the items necessary to replace the fuser assembly, the charge roll, and the transfer roll. To identify the texture of the paper loaded in a specific source and to ensure that characters print clearly. Tray Linking, Tray Linking Tray linking Tray linking infoprint 1125 the automatic linking feature for trays infoprint 1125 you use the infoprint 1125 size and type infopfint print material in multiple paper sources trays.

Page Removing a paper tray infoprint 1125 duplex unit Ask someone to help you lift the printer by the handholds and set it aside. Smoothness The degree of smoothness of paper infiprint affects print quality. Press to clear the message and discard the code.

Continue with infoprint 1125 Loading envelopes Load envelopes infopgint side infoprint 1125 with the stamp area and flap on the left side. Loading Print Material Loading print material This section provides information about loading the various input options.

This prevents the edges of the envelopes from sticking together and helps them feed properly.

Cross Reference Tool

Lexmark international user’s guide printer1i1,2i1, 4i3, 5i3 pages. Use the following guidelines: Table Of Contents Chapter Page 60 While grasping the print cartridge by the hand grip, pull infoprint 1125 print infoprint 1125 up toward the upper front door, and then pull it straight out toward you.

Complete the following steps to replace the charge roll. If the printer infoprint 1125 inactive for the period of time specified in the Power Saver menu item, the Power Saver message replaces the Ready message.